The cleansing of the ice box

In preparation for the Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season I decided, having utterly nothing else to do, like not even cut my toenails, anything but this please…to clean out my refrigerator. Not that it was dirty but there were just things in there I haven’t used in, oh, let’s say 10 years but that I just seem to hold onto “in case” like tallow or lard neither of which I had any plans to use anytime soon. Or sugar-free caramel (why do I have this?) or mystery containers that I didn’t really want to open that had been at the back of the refrigerator since I moved in. There were jars of mysterious Indian condiments (he hasn’t been here for a year). And then there was the entirety of the blueberry harvest which I picked about 4 minutes before I left for Germany 2 months ago. They looked fine but really? What I gonna do with them now?

Then the really hard thing was not saving jars. I mean, that was reeeeeeally a struggle. In the end common sense won out and I filled 2 garbage containers with jars and bottles and dumped them.

I felt so clean and pure. It doesn’t take much.

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