The Christmas Cookie, 2016

I have no idea why I am compelled to make these damn things every year. I end up eating most of them. My mother likes them but she’ll eat about 2 of them. And really, there are cookies and sweets all over the damn place anyway. 

I went all out this year and sprang for organic flour. I used vanilla bean seed paste from Madagascar (possibly organic, but probably not, definitely exotic). But instead of cutting circles I used a ravioli cutter and made (relatively) square cookies. There is something not as festive about this. Maybe I need the misery (yes Carol, more drama) of cutting the circles, having to re-knead and re-roll until I’ve used up all the dough. It speaks to the festive nature of Christmas. 

They may not have been as festive but they fit in the cookie jar a lot more efficiently. 

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