The chard is ready

One of the problems with growing your own food, aside from, well, the growing of it, is that you have to eat it when it’s ready, not when you want to eat it. In this case, Swiss chard. So instead of this scenario: Me: Hmm, I think I’ll get some chard at the Pick N Save and have that for dinner tonight—the scenario is: Chard: Hey buddy!! I’m ready eat me now before I get too big and woody!!! Hey!! You! Eat me!! NOW!!!

I’m not sure if I ever really want to eat it, it seems pretty, and I like spinach, and beets (but not kale). In fact, Swiss chard tastes very much like a cross between beets and dirt. OK, it tastes like dirt entirely. Who eats this stuff except for worms? (I have a number of those too).

I made myself whole mess o’ dirt flavored veg and choked it down. I’ll eat anything, except possibly anchovies.

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