The battle rages on

Probably a lot of history buffs are going to always remember the Great Squirrel Battle of 2021. And possibly the attendant Potato Bug skirmish.

The little nails I put on the top of the fence are def not working but I have been told that squirrels hate tulle (just watch my squirrels will looooove it). So I ordered a bolt. The squirrels have already begun denuding my peach tree. The peaches are not bigger than my little fingernail but the ground under the tree is littered with the ones that get knocked off while they’re frisking about noshing on the other baby peaches. So I’ve started with a base of wadded up tulle and one branch enrobed. I will see if this keeps them out. I can see that they would really not know how to deal with this but on the other hand squirrels aren’t as stupid as I wish they were.

And in my experience where there are potato plants, potato beetles are not far behind. You can put something called floating row covers on them, but I think tulle will do the trick and it’s a lot cheaper.

As an added plus I can wrap myself in oceans of it and dance around the house. Shades drawn of course.

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