The food group, such as it is, met for dinner last night. I have to say it was really on of the best meals I’ve had in ages.

  1. Charred green onion and lemon hummus. (RECIPE) This could have used less lemon and more charred green onions but it was good. And looked good, and really, isn’t that what counts?
  2. Shrimp and cucumber tower (RECIPE) I’m not sure if this link is actually the real recipe since a certain TasteBud isn’t coughing up the recipe. No one is ever gonna make this or any recipe from this blog anyway.
  3. Asparagus risotto (RECIPE) This is an adapted mushroom and pea risotto. Asparagus was substituted for peas since a certainTasteBud does not like peas.
  4. Brown butter scallops (RECIPE) These were fabulous and the shallot, caper sauce was a phenom.
  5. Lemon swirl cheesecake (RECIPE) Apparently really easy to make and really good. (no photo)

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