Tastebuds. An eating group

Karen had this idea to get some people together who like to cook and eat and have a dinner. She named us Tastebuds and we had our first meal this week. It was at my house and I made the main course. North African themed. I made Kefta sorta. With a side of mechouia.

I had to be careful with this since one of the members of the group happens to be North African. Algerian by way of Paris. In the way I make nothing easy, I made an accompanying spiced tomato sauce which is not really how kefta is eaten but I didn’t care and neither, it seemed, did Raba our resident Algerian. In fact no one complained but that was probably because there was so much great food the kefta didn’t really stand out. Or maybe no one else recognized the faux pas and he was just being polite.

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