Taqueria Orinoco

My nephew was in Mexico City last week and suggested this place to me. I don’t know how else anyone would ever find these kinds of places. I’d walked by it a couple times and it was utterly unremarkable, except for the name which reminded me of Enya, the only reason I’d noticed the place. It was fantastic. My meal the night before was adequate and cost $50. To be fair there had been drinks, and it was “Chateaubriand-style” steak and duck tacos (and the tacos were amazing) But these tacos were twice as much food as I needed and cost $5.75. 

When I left there was a line of people waiting to get in. 

I took the the leftovers thinking I’d give them to a homeless person but there really aren’t any that I can see. And I ate them for lunch today anyway.

For the record here. I am home but currently suffering from some sort of intestinal to-do and am not quite up to posting.

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