Some other wedding tidbits

Wedding fashion: I’m not so much a fan of the gay rainbow thing but for our wedding I bought this pair of underwear and wore it secretly without my future husband knowing. It didn’t quite have the impact I’d wanted when he discovered it later. “Why are you wearing those?” He asked in a completely dispassionate way. Anyway, I tried.

A number of people have asked in oblique ways about the scarves while, I am sure, actually thinking “oh brother look at those two knobs being all European” and well, yes. But it was very cold and we did not have overcoats. It was really not about being fops.

Wedding cake: October 13th is also my sister Patty’s birthday, she turned Medicare age so celebration was in order too. My sister Mary K made a duel purpose cake. Wedding on one side, birthday on the other. My sisters and their respective spouses then sang and sent a video. It was very moving, even for me, someone not easily moved, I choked up. I was sad they weren’t there but this gesture was something very special and way out of the ordinary which sort of sums up the whole deal.

Wedding Beers: I know champagne is the usual but I prefer beer, I’m not a champagne kinda guy, despite what the scarf may suggest. We stopped for the wedding lunch in some small, absolutely charming Danish place. The bread came with butter and a little pot of lard. We did not eat that. The paintings on the wall by a local artist of Nordic coast lines were fantastic. Very Matisse like. The photographs do not do the place or the paintings justice.

Luck and money: We were married on the 13th and stayed on the 13th floor of the hotel. Looking forward to that first Friday the 13th anniversary. Ashish’s colleagues made a small celebration for him in his office. They gave him some sort of decorative christmas tree ornament-like made out of money. These are actual useable euros so, starting out lucky.

Rehearsal dinner: We didn’t really have all that much to rehearse. I’m not overly given to making public spectacles of myself anyway. In fact, we didn’t even discuss the impending event. It was a Thai restaurant filled with Thai people. They were more interesting to talk about. The food was absolutely fantastic. Except not that radish flowery thing, which I ate, it was dry and woody.

Wedding dinner: After our wedding lunch we went to the Danish history museum which was essentially impossible to comprehend and filled with billions of tiny bits and pieces of pottery, rusting weaponry and other oddments. That night we had our wedding dinner at an Italian restaurant that was apparently locally sourced, artisanal and, you know, free range and what not. Our appetizer was house-made burrata and sautéed “scavenged” greens. On the one hand I appreciate that but on the other I was put in mind of the weeds growing in between the sidewalk slabs. The greens (weeds) were not exactly toothsome and I seem to think had a faint taste of, well, sidewalk.