Le vaccin c’est ma bite

It had seemed to me that all of France was pretty sanguine about the vaccine and wearing of masks. Of course, I am not seeing French news which might be a clue as to the mood in France about such things, but no one seems to have to be aggressively forced to put on a mask before they enter into ANY venue at all (you must wear a mask in every store no matter it’s size).

And you cannot go into any restaurant or museum without a health QR code which you get when you get the vaccination. Restaurants are fierce about proving you’ve had it. You are stopped at every single door. I could not get even near the train to Bordeaux without showing my French QR code (insert tooth sucking noise) to get onto the platform.

Imagine my surprise in Bordeaux when I saw this imbecile’s car. Of course the spoiler on the back of this expensive Mercedes was sort of a clue to the workings of this guy’s mind, and we know it’s a guy because this literally means “The vaccine is my cock.” The side says, “Without mask, without hood.” In this case “capote” means condom. I hope to god he’s not breeding.

Resistance indeed, Mr Tough Guy.