I ran out of peppercorns. Seriously? How did this happen?! I cannot cook without it. And while I do love The Spice House and for some things, like their chili powder, there is no other place, I have learned from certain Indians I know that Indian stores are much cheaper for certain items. I mean, I’m probably not going to buy filet mignon there, but peppercorns and sev, yes.

Four ounces of peppercorns at the Indian store is $3.99 and 2.3 oz at The Spice House is $6.49 although you can save 20 cents by getting the flat pack, so that’s good.

The Indian Store, which does not have a website—surprising since the Indians are the ones making the websites for the rest of the world— is located just south of Mayfair in the back of some obscure office building. You can see the Yelp reviews here.

Seething with anger

McCormick Spices. I saw this display in a local Pick n Save. It’s clever. Kudos to whatever graphic designer came up with this kitchen-stove-cute concept. Although they will burn in hell. One hopes. OK, no, I don’t want them to burn in hell since he/she is a fellow graphic designer, at least not for eternity. 

Although there are some legitimate spices in the display here, it is mostly envelopes (not recyclable) of flour that cost about 1000% more than the contents are worth. The main 3 ingredients for the chicken gravy packet, listed in order of importance are: Flour, wheat starch (more flour) and dextrose. Then salt, and then whey. There is less “chicken” in here than there is dextrose or whey. Chicken broth is listed as an ingredient. When last I checked broth is liquid. What a freaking scam. 

The contents of this envelope can be duplicated (minus the silicon dioxide, guanylate, et al) in your kitchen for less than 3 cents. And you don’t need the trace amounts of hydrolyzed corn gluten or xanthan gum.

I saw a woman looking at the bags of “gravy.” I wanted to tell her to run screaming away.

Gravy is the easiest thing in the world to make. Even if you didn’t start with the finest stock in the world as I did. A bouillon cube, flour and water will do.

Disodium inosinate, indeed.