Oh, I got issues alright

So I had a shit ton of that tangerine custard stuff and really didn’t want to go through the misery of making tart shells and clever guy that I am I decided to use mini cupcake paper things and put the cookie dough in the bottom. Super cool idea, super bad outcome. Turns out that cookies float. And i thought the tart shells were a hoopla.

Just, you know, FYI, I could have made a pie, like a key lime pie. Just one pie, with just one crust but no.

Once the little upside tangerine tartlets were baked I thought they might just pop out but, again, I was wrong. I had 2 options here. Throw everything off the counter and scream really loudly while slapping myself, or make bread pudding. I did both.

Not really. Bread pudding is always an option. Although it wasn’t bread, it was cookies. I put all the stupid tartlet things into a pan, covered it with cookies and filled it with the custard. At this point I didn’t give fuck what happened.

It was actually very good. Not that I will ever make it again.

Necessity, the mother of insanity

So I got these tangerines that are annoyingly called Cuties. I like them (my mom LOVED them) and they are easy to peel. Except this batch is not. And they are smaller than usual and really difficult to peel. The idea of picking off all these little bits of peel for a tiny tangerine was not at all what I had in mind.

Problem solver, or creator, that I am depending on one’s point of view, I decided to juice them and make something on the order of key lime pie. I felt that a graham cracker crust was not quite appropriate and I had some leftover cookie dough. Hm, I thought, that’ll be good. I’ll make tartlets. I’m always up for a tartlet. (eye rolling emoji)

The problem with cookie dough though is that it slumps when you bake it. A lot of dough does this when it is baked in a pie pan so one must blind bake first. This is a pretty common issue and requires filling the unbaked pie crust with something heavy-ish to prevent this from happening. And as it unsurprisingly turns out I have pie weights created for just such an endeavor.

OK, fast forward to the tartlet pie weight slump prevention procedure. What a palaver. But despite it being a “process” it actually worked unlike many of my other harebrained exploits and I was able to fill them and bake them.

I topped them with cream cheese whipped with tangerine rind, vanilla and powdered sugar. Were they as good as key lime pie? I don’t think so. Did they taste like Creamsicles as I’d envisaged? Not really. But they were totally delicious nonetheless.