Rice twice, again

This seems like it could be a “thing.” Making enough rice for two meals, different meals. Anyway, I have a shit ton of rice and the too-much-rice thing worked for me before and it was certainly edible. It’s also easy. This time the first meal was a vegetable rice salad and I made creamy buttermilk (house-made buttermilk) dijon vinaigrette. This suggests something that is at once creamilicious and vinegary with a hit of dijon mustard. When in fact it was a mouth popping sour mess (I just made this up, I didn’t follow any recipe). I ended up putting a couple of tablespoons of my sister’s honey in it to balance it out and it made a difference and the rice calmed it down considerably but it wasn’t what I intended. The story of my life.

The next day I made fried rice. I don’t have a wok so I used a pan, a non stick pan. A pan that does not stick. Meaning nothing sticks to it. Or at least that’s the theory. I watch people make things in non-stick pans on the YouTube or in test kitchens all the time. And nothing sticks to them, everything just slides out like all real slippery-like. This is very much like the “reduce liquid to half which will take 5 to 6 minutes” trick that takes me half a day to accomplish. That rice wanted very badly to stay in the pan. And it did. Nonstick my ass. Nonetheless, it was good, better than the Sour Patch Salad I’d had the day before.

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