Slab pies, I guess I’m on that bandwagon too

It just made sense. It was easier to cut, easier to eat. Tomato cheese pie . . . slab pie. Crust, mayo-mustard layer, cheese layer, tomatoes, bake. (I also added artichoke hearts). Finished with fresh basil.

It was good. Now, I’ll have to work on my bowl, tray bake and sheet pan dinner game. I can do a fad as much as the next guy.

Slab pies . . . whatever

Seems a lot like “bowls,” “sheet pan dinners,” and “tray bakes.” Like, oh, here’s a fad, let’s hop on it real quick! Taco bowls. Zucchini grape bowls. Marshmallow tuna bowls. It’s what? In a bowl? Is it a salad? Why is this a slab pie? It’s a pie. A slab? It is a huge pie though, I’ll give it that. Wisconsin strawberries, my service berries and then filled out with extra fruit I had on hand to make the requisite 3 pounds according to the recipe. (which is here)

It was fine. The polka dots were cute. I put ice cream on it. That saves anything. Well, not anchovies.