Slab pies . . . whatever

Seems a lot like “bowls,” “sheet pan dinners,” and “tray bakes.” Like, oh, here’s a fad, let’s hop on it real quick! Taco bowls. Zucchini grape bowls. Marshmallow tuna bowls. It’s what? In a bowl? Is it a salad? Why is this a slab pie? It’s a pie. A slab? It is a huge pie though, I’ll give it that. Wisconsin strawberries, my service berries and then filled out with extra fruit I had on hand to make the requisite 3 pounds according to the recipe. (which is here)

It was fine. The polka dots were cute. I put ice cream on it. That saves anything. Well, not anchovies.

Produce report: Service berries

The animals do not seem to appreciate that I left the other service berry tree unnetted for their dining pleasure. The robins are clucking angrily around the netted tree like 2 year olds when there’s a free lunch 10 feet away. Grow up. 

In the end I got enough for a pie. Almost. I supplemented with the very few raspberries and strawberries I’d grown myself (a bountiful cornucopia of fruit, 12 berries total) and I purchased some additional cherries. It was as delicious as it was beautiful.