Free from

Wait, what?? What’s this free from? I hate this. It even has a register mark. What are they thinking? Hm, let’s see, we’ll put “free from” on here and people will think it’s...what? WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???

Marketing bullshit. Simple Truth my ass.

Happy birthday, Patty

My sister Patty’s birthday was last Saturday and I had the opportunity to buy one of the pretty cakes I see at Pick N Save (Actually Metro Market the small but more expensive version of a 

Roundy’s super market). It was actually a giant cupcake-shaped little cake. When I cut it (after an abbreviated version of Happy Birthday to You without candles since there were no matches in my mom’s new apartment [note to self]) I was horrified to discover that the huge top of the cake was all frosting. In fact, the thing was mostly frosting (only the yellow and dark brown parts were cake) and in my experience people will run screaming from too much frosting. 

As it happens the frosting was really sort of good. I hesitate to admit that after complaining about the sweet ravioli. Nonetheless, no one would eat much of it. My father would have been horrified.