So, potatoes

I had 3 potatoes from the store. Not organic just yukon gold potatoes and I decided to make my dinner a taste test. I boiled one of mine and one from the store in the skins, I love the skins. Yeah, well, I cannot really say they tasted very different. And it wasn’t like I was rapturous about them. Yes, of course, they are potatoes, and butter and salt were involved so, you know, they were good but not off-the-charts good. Mine were golder. I can say that much.

But I didn’t grow them because I was expecting off-the-charts good. I just wanted organic potatoes not in the plastic mesh bag and that’s what I got. And good enough is good enough.

A farmer and his potatoes

I had no idea what to expect when I was doing this. I think I had 5 of these particular plants and they had the blight (the other potatoes did not have it). So against my better judgment I cut them off as the google instructs and waited the requisite 2 weeks.

OMG!! This was as gratifying as it was easy. It turns out that Ann White was right about something for a change.