Fish fries to go

I’m not really sure where this fish fry came from. It was take-out. I was a recipient of someone’s largesse and while I don’t like to complain about an act of charity, a fish fry not eaten in a restaurant is not quite a fish fry. It gets cold and they don’t re-heat well.

This one featured “potato pancakes” something I’d never pass up. These however, were not potato pancakes. They were mashed potato balls rolled in crumbs and deep fried. Yes. They were good, but they were not potato pancakes. The tater tots…mmm, no.

I had the walleye. It was good. But I’ll eat nearly anything if tartar sauce is involved. Basically it was all certainly good enough but the shit storm of styrofoam and plastic containers that it all came in made it an environmental disaster. You know, on a smaller scale than, say, BP in the Gulf of Mexico. But still.

End of summer, other sadnesses

From Memorial Day to Labor Day at the Lake Beulah Country Club has a Friday night fish fry. The fish is good. Blue gills, lake perch, walleye. All good Wisconsin fish, although as I understand it the fish we’re eating cannot, by law, be from Wisconsin. In any event, I can get fish fries anywhere in Milwaukee. But I cannot get these lovely home made potato pancakes. It’s bad enough that there will be no summer tomatoes, but that sadness is compounded by the loss of these waist expanding beauties.