Chocolate malt cake

This cake was amazing. And yes, I did use a box cake mix. Three layers of malted milk chocolate cake, malted hot fudge glaze, and malted crunchy (sorta) topping was freaking awesome. Adapted freely from the Milk Cookbook. And when I say freely, I mean super, wildly free, like running unclothed except for a few brightly colored silk scarves in the forest free, since I doubt they’d in any way approve of the use of the box cake. But I used malted milk instead of water, 4 instead of 3 eggs, 1/2 cup of oil instead of 1/3, a box of Hershey’s chocolate pudding and some other secret embellishments. But the glaze on top and between the layers which required a cup of glucose (who just has that lying around their house? Answer: me) was astonishingly delicious.

Unfortunately, it was a disaster for my kitchen. And the wire whisk, which has a handle that is heavier than the whisk part, flipped out of the bowl twice onto the damn floor. Glucose is not easy nor necessarily fun to clean out of a rug. But you could probably boil the kitchen runner on my floor and get a pretty flavorful, if not particularly delicious, broth of some sort.

Corn Flake Cookies

These are some hyper-elaborate cookies the recipe for which is found in the Milk Cookbook. These are sorta like rice-crispie-bar cookies because you use marshmallows but they are made with corn flakes instead and mini-chocolate chips are tossed in for fun. You have to make the elaborate dough and then refrigerate balls of it for 24 hours. 

The cookies turn out to be enormous. They are delicious. Worth the effort and if I ever truly get the hang of the process I will make them more often.