This beef did not die in vain

This may just be theoretical, and I may be rationalizing but it seems to me that when MetroMarket has prime cuts of meat nearly its departure date, they make it into this ground meat. It doesn’t look like their regular ground beef/sirloin/chuck. It’s some other weird thing and there are vast quantities of it. My thinking is that it’s near the end of its viability and it’s going to get thrown away (This does not trouble me any more than the insanity of the good until dates on cans of things. OK, maybe slightly more) I figure, I don’t want all of this meat to be wasted so I bought a pack. It was cheap. I know it’s not organic. But I think not wasting meat is more important than being righteous about eating it.

Anyway, I decided to make chili to have for Month of Pain lunches (no carbs). For extra flavor I threw in the bone from New Year’s Eve prime rib. Whether or not this made any difference I don’t know. But it seemed like a good idea although I strained the fat off it and probably all of its flavor went too.

The chili is, meh, fine. But I have a lot of it. I’ll be eating it for weeks.

The world is coming to an end

There are several signs that indicate the world is coming to an end.

1. Donald Trump is president.

2. ZsaZsa Gabor died.

3. Milk has anchovies in it. 

There just need to be 2 or 3 more obvious signs and, bingo, it’s all over. Just sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Alternate titles*

What could they possibly be thinking?

Isn’t it hard to milk tilapia?

Sardines in milk, just what the doctor ordered

Not specifically mentioned in the Bible as a sign, but…

Mom’s meatloafburgers

It was just one of those days. I really couldn’t think of what else to make, I felt lazy so I was going to buy pre-made hamburgers and make them on the grill. When I got to MetroMarket I decided to grind the meat myself (the image of the filthy ground meat under the trays I once witnessed and is forever burnt into my mind) and then I thought grinding beef is a royal pain so I bought chicken breasts instead, and decided to make my my mother’s meatloaf but into patties. So I went from just doing something easy, to a grand filthy mess in the kitchen. From plain hamburgers to chicken meatloafburgers.

Though to be fair, it’s a one food-processor job. Not that much of a mess. I do, however, hate cleaning that damn processor.

First I have to freeze the cut chicken chunks so I can grind them. After that is accomplished I grind the green pepper and onion and add all of that to the processor along with the sage, horseradish and dry mustard. Then make the patties, then grill…

Yeah, it was so windy I could not start the grill. All my dinner plans were foiled in every way possible. I fried them which may work out better than grilling, or baking even (meatloaves are baked). The smaller size cooked quicker and they lost little moisture. They were good. But I hadn’t put enough of the spices in it. But ketchup works wonders.

And I had enough for several lunches.

Garbage for dinner

I was thinking I’d make lemon pepper chicken on the grill for dinner since I saw an alluring (and complicated) recipe for the making of lemon pepper. But I was meeting an old friend for a drink after work and thought I really wouldn’t have enough time to actually make the lemon pepper which requires some oven time to dry properly, so I decided just to grill plain chicken but when I was at the store I saw they had pre-marinated lemon pepper chicken breasts. Good enough. Or so I thought.

I have purchased these pre-marinated chicken breasts from MetroMarket exactly one other time. The Italian marinated. I seemed to recall, while I stood at the butcher counter, that I hadn’t liked them but I wasn’t going to buy the Italian marinade, so fine. Later, after I’d purchased the marinated lemon pepper chicken and was in my car driving to meet my friend, there was a certain smell emanating from the package . . . and I recognized it immediately. Garbage. It’s what I hadn’t liked about the other marinated chicken I’d had. That smell was off-putting but I eat stuff that smells like garbage; sauerkraut juice, bleu cheese, cantaloupe, all the time.

They didn’t smell so much like garbage once they were grilled but they weren’t lip smacking. I ate them (one for dinner, 2 were for lunches) doused them with Frank’s Hot Sauce. It killed the stench and any suggestion of lemon pepper. I’ll eat anything.

The next day when I was going to work, I had the chicken in a bag. I could smell it. I was also taking out my garbage and of course a neighbor got on the elevator. I wanted to tell her that it wasn’t my garbage that smelled like that, it was my lunch. But I didn’t. I smiled and hoped I’d never see her again although if I were to bump into her again, I will not have any MetroMarket marinated chicken on me. Not falling for that garbage again.

I had a fierce need for jambalaya

So I bought shrimp..But it was not shrimp sourced Indochina! In fact, it was good old American shrimp. I was thrilled to see it in the fish section of MetroMarket. Turns out this isn’t so great either. For different reasons. Ecological of course. But I figure, if I only eat it once or twice a year I’m being ecologicalish. I made this with chicken, andouille sausage (oddly, it is sold in the butcher section of MetroMarket) and peppers, celery, onions. Tomato sauce and rice. The rice was a little al dente which is good in pasta, in rice…not so much. 

Nonetheless, it was delicious.

Chicken stroganoff

I had some dill left over from making Russian dressing for which you need about a TB and while I love dill, a little goes a long way and there aren’t that many recipes that call for it, aside from, you know, pickles. MetroMarket sells a small amount of dill (organic!!) which would have more closely alligned with my needs but it’s in a plastic disposible (and I suppose recyclable) container, and costs $2.99. Or one can buy enormous amounts of it unpackaged for $1.25. I don’t know why this is, or who uses those huge bunches (dill goes south pretty quickly) but, well, I had, have actually, a lot of it and decided to make stroganoff. Chicken, not the classic beef. It’s mushrooms, onions, sour cream and dill how could it not be good? It was really easy and dillicious. That I wrote that nauseates me.

Grocery store chili

I used to really like Grebe’s chili. It didn’t taste anything like the chili I made. It had a consistency that was gruel-like and yet surprisingly toothsome. The meat was not really like meat. It had a certain spongy quality to it that I found interesting and not unpleasant. Last Friday I got home way too late to cook (having spent the evening doing a corporal work of mercy for which I will get several bonus points in heaven, or maybe a free cocktail at the bar in hell) and I kind of had a taste for bad chili so I stopped at MetroMarket and availed myself of some at their soup bar. I really don’t know why. There was NO meat in it. Absolutely none. And very few beans. But it had that smell that I wanted so I got it anyway.

And then I proceeded to add jalapeƱos, chips, cheese and sour cream. It wasn’t half bad. But then, I’ll eat anything.


Let me just say that this doesn’t scare me. It just disgusts me. How could a place like Metro Market let this happen? Even if it is actually there, which I now assume is true. Why would they let us see it? I know stuff gets dirty. I had a restaurant (Not that it was ever, ever like this) but stuff gets dirty.  And this filth was not just from that day. That meat case hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.

My issue with is is simply that they let people see it. And it wasn’t like it was just for a second. The entire time I waited for my order this was exposed. Shame on MetroMarket.