Does anyone at Kraft use these products? I don’t really understand why they feel the need to do this. Hellman does not seem to have the need to put this useless piece of “protective” crap on their jars of mayonnaise and yet somehow the world seems to spin. 

But, OK,  if you’re gonna do it, do it right. There are little tabs on the side. Guess what. They don’t work. They never work. Ever.

Vern’s Cheese

I see this truck around. I have no idea who Vern is or how he happens to be peddling his cheese in town. And to the best of my knowledge I have never had his cheese. But I’d take his cheese over Kraft any day.

He could use a graphic designer. But then I worry he’d look more like Kraft than Vern and that would ruin everything.

Impossible to open, part 2

Seriously, WTF? Why is this ridiculous, unopenable protective cover on MIracle Whip (yes, Miracle Whip, I love the stuff) they don’t have it on Hellman’s mayonnaise, why does Kraft have to go to these idiotic lengths? There’s just no point to it and, as I’ve said, doesn’t anyone at Kraft use these products? What you are looking at is the top of the jar, the protective cover torn and opened, but not completely removed. And yes, my chip dip was exquisite.

Impossible to open

Does the person who invents these things ever try to use them? Doesn’t anyone at Kraft use their own products?

I’m not infirm. I can run 3 miles with ease, I lift weights and work with a personal trainer. I take Pilates. I cannot open this. In the end I resorted to using a knife. But, as it turned out, the stuff was filthy. Sweet artificial raspberry. Disgusting. Which is probably why no one at Kraft uses it.