Italian flag salad

Some of the Royal Mounted Police’s colleagues came over for dinner (all on horseback) and I made an Italian flag salad since were leaving for Italy on Saturday. (It’s just Irish flag salad but with tomatoes instead of carrots—that god we weren’t going to Swaziland). The meal was Italian with an American dessert. No, not HoHos or DingDongs, key lime pie.

I love it when people ask for seconds . . . on dessert no less!

Swaziland flag, not planning any salads at this point.

Pie for dinner and dessert

It was a friend’s birthday and I offered to make her dinner, hence the chicken pot pie, followed by her favorite, key lime pie. For just us a whole pie is too much so I made 2 half sized pies and gave one to my niece and nephew but I did not tell any of them that I made it with actual key limes. I really have no idea if it makes any difference. In my restaurant, the first time I made them I squeezed a freaking case of these teeny damn things and after that I used half bottled lime juice and half fresh regular old lime juice. No one ever said anything but maybe because I looked mentally ill and possibly dangerous all the time.

So I can say that it makes no difference. At all. None whatsoever. No one said anything if somehow there was any discernible difference.

It is possible that I detected a slight bitterness. But also maybe that was me thinking about the restaurant.

Sour orange pie

I watched Cook’s Complicated make something called sour orange pie. The crust is animal crackers (whatever) and the filling is orange juice concentrate and lemon juice. Basically it’s a key lime pie but for a few ingredient adjustments. I thought it would taste like creamsicles. But it did not.

Everyone raved about it but then later said, oh, uh, the key lime is better.

I didn’t mind, I’d thought that myself.

Unpublished draft 3

I happened to notice that I have 24 unpublished drafts on my blog posting list. So I’ve decided to fill in some empty spaces with some of these.

Key lime pie, unconstructed

This is easy as hell and is almost showy it’s so good. I made key lime pie sans crust in individual ramekins and served them with a bowl of Speculoos a kind of European graham cracker-ish (considerably better than graham crackers) cookie available here in the US at Pick N Saves or you can go to the link and buy them online. It’s worth it. The cookies were for dipping in the lemon lime curd. I suppose I can’t call it key lime pie. You’re using the crust as a dipping tool.

Nonetheless it was cool, inventive (if I do say so myself), and really awesome. I need new adjectives.

And no, this does not count as a part of my seasonal key lime count.

Key lime pie

Back when I had a restaurant, we served key lime pie. There is some “thing” about key lime pie. People will come just for it and compare it to other key lime pie, there are lists and preferences and key lime lovers seem to know one another and trade opinions.

We bought ours from a supplier (and people said it was the best and often people came in because other people told them so) and once when demand was high they were unable to deliver. We had to make our own. The thing of key lime pie is that it’s not a recipe like stew where everyone’s is different. It HAS to be what it is. The lime juice/egg yolk/sweetened condensed milk (and that’s ALL that’s in it) ratio has to be the same or it doesn’t cook.

Being the insane nut bar I am, I insisted on squeezing our own key lime juice. This was not an easy task. Key limes are tiny. As it turns out, it tastes the same if you take the time to squeeze a billion little key limes, use bottled, or use squeeze regular limes. Seriously.

Recipe follows.

Herewith the recipe:

Key Lime Pie

16 full size graham crackers crushed

6 TBS of butter softened

3 TB sugar

1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cup lime juice (regular limes work just fine)

1TBS lime zest

4 egg yolks

Mix the crust and put it in the bottom of a 9 inch pie pan, bake 12 minutes at 350

Whisk together the condensed milk and eggs,

add the lime juice and pour into the slightly cooled crust.

Bake 12 minutes.


1/2 block cream cheese

1/2 cup of cream

2 TBS powdered sugar

2 TBS lime zest

1 tsp vanilla

Whip until smooth

Making the pie enough in advance to cool the pie in the refrigerator and then

spreading topping and letting it sit overnight increases the stick-to-it-iveness of

the whipped topping. It does make a difference.