Salad cream

I visited England for the first time in 1976. Despite what you hear about the food, I loved it all. Toad in the hole. Baps and bangers. Fish and chips. I had a less successful outing with turtle soup in King’s Lynn but mostly I loved the food. In particular I fell in love with 2 condiments, salad cream and pickle branston. The latter of which I could eat with a spoon. But neither of which could be found in the US. Sometimes I’d ask friends traveling there to bring me a bottle of one or the other.

Some years ago I found Branston a shelf at Sendik’s but salad cream was another matter. And then yesterday while looking for one thing or another in the ethnic aisle at MetroMarket I discovered Salad Cream. It’s ethnically English, apparently. The thing is, I want it but not a whole bottle of it. I just want to taste it. I’m not sure a taste is worth 7.29.