Heaven City via Bangkok

My friend John came up from Chicago to stay at my cottage last weekend. Friday night, on our way back from the train station in Sturtevant where I had picked him up (it was 2 hours late), we ate in Thai-Italina in downtown Waterford. I had imagined it was going to be a Thai-Italian fusion restaurant, although what that might be I had no idea. In fact, it was 1/8 old fashioned Italian food like lasagna, alfredo, etc and 7/8ths Thai/Indian food, like pud gwak gai or some damn thing. I went with the Thai. It was good. For Waterford.

Saturday night I was just too tired to cook and we went to Heaven City. I had a strip steak. John had duck three ways with white beans, a sort of deconstructed cassoulet. By the rapturous way he ate it, I knew I had made a poor choice. Not that the steak was bad, it was, well, steak.