Aloha, lunch

For my birthday lunch in the office this year I decided on Hawai’ian. There’s a deli on the west side that sells Hawai’ian food, unpronounceably and therefore unrememberably, called Ono Kine Grindz. Their Char Su Chicken is really remarkable. The shredded pork despite its alluring name Kalua Pig is only shredded pork shoulder. I should say heavily-smoked shredded pork. The chicken, too, is smoked.

But what really made this stuff sing was my world renowned BBQ sauce slightly altered to make it Hawai’ian. I added star anise and pineapple. I shrieked when I tasted it it was so delicious. I’m sure Judy, who taught me how to make this most perfect BBQ sauce, would be pleased with the slight modification. Especially since she sent me the star anise (for a recipe I’ve yet to make but will, I promise). I served it on Hawai’ian sweet buns which are just plain ol’ delicious soft buns.

The lunch buffet was a little casual. I kept the macaroni salad (surprisingly popular in Hawai’i, seriously) and carrot pineapple slaw in the plastic containers. We’re family.

For dessert we had my world famous Edgar’s rum cake. Note to self, need more rum.