Hawaiian buns

When we had our Hawaiian meal (seems like a decade ago) besides the ribs and pu pu platter, I made Hawaiian bread. I did this not so much because I wanted to have it at this dinner as much as I wanted to make soft buns to see if they might work for hamburgers so this was something of a test.

I used the King Arthur Flour Hawaiian bread recipe. It is made with pineapple juice, eggs and butter. This creates a really sticky dough which was hard to deal with but for a good burger bun I am prepared to do that kind of dealing. Yeah, not so much. They tasted good but they were crumbly almost corn bread like. I followed the recipe exactly. So, fine for a Hawaiian meal but not so great for burgers.

Crossing that one off the list.

Buns again

So my last batch was good but they were more like brat buns than the soft pillowishness I was looking for so I decided to try brioche dough. Brioche is the soft yellowish bread that is typically a breakfast bread in France. It’s slightly sweet which isn’t usually what I like but I think it works with hamburgers. Sorta like that Hawaiian bread. If you’re thinking I could just buy them, you’re right but then I’d spare myself this insanity.

These were good but also not exactly what I was looking for. And so now it’ll be some damn thing I keep doing until I find just exactly what I want. Unless I don’t and then…shoot me.