So, half-sour

Apparently means not sour at all. There is no vinegar in half sour. Just salt and not even that much of it as far as I can tell. Brad from Bon Appetit (Oh, Bra-ad) puts all sortsa crap in his…rose buds (???!), fennel pollen (just no), dill pollen (why?). You can see his take on the half-sour here. Personally I went with something more simple just dill, garlic and mustard seeds. Plus, I just ran out of fucking fennel pollen.

This is the second batch of pickles I’m making in my quest to find my favorite pickle. This one requires a week to 10 days. I can’t say the pickles are exactly reproducing like Tribbles (it’s a good thing that the google exists because I’d never have come up with this useless bit on trivia). There’s one vine loaded with flowers but not a single cucumber on the thing. I expected that at this point my refrigerator would have been packed with pickles…you know, all Peter Piper. Well, the summer is still young…oh god no it’s not. It’s half over. More good news.