Ground beef, house-made

I’ve seen the America’s Test Kitchen (Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated) show on grinding your own beef for hamburger in which they gave hamburger samples to people, apparently off the street, from meat they’d just ground. Everyone was effusive about the uber-deliciousness of it so I thought I’d give it a try. Twice actually. I didn’t have a meat grinder so I did it in the food processor which was fine but uneven.

This month’s Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated had a two page spread with the entire procedure and a recipe in it. (I am wondering, though, if the show is just a testing ground for the magazine and vice versa.) The article coincided with a trip to Macy’s to buy a new pillow and a waltz past a sale display of KitchenAid products in an adjoining department. I got suckered in.

The procedure, which involves 1.5 lbs of cubed chuck roast (and not just any chuck, organic, farm raised, etc etc etc) and 4 TBS butter that then spends a half hour in the freezer before it is passed through the grinding dealio, is relatively easy. The add-on contraption performed really well and cleaned up remarkably well. But I dunno. I wasn’t sold on the remarkable flavor vs the bother.

On the other hand, I may have over-cooked them slightly, and I did have an impressive amount of garnish, relishes and savory condiments on the thing which may have been distracting. But that’s how I like to eat hamburgers and if I can’t taste all that fuss and bother through a slice of Monterey Jack cheese, a leaf of lettuce, a couple of pickles and a quarter cup of ketchup, well, what’s the point?