Ratatouille on the grill

I’ve done this before and it is delicious but it is such a freaking rigmarole that I actually dread it. Doing it on the grill makes it somewhat easier I think. It is certainly less messy than sautéing everything on the stove. But still, oy. And add to that the taking of pictures incessantly. My neighbors must think I am a lunatic. They were out on their balcony smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and watching me frantically going in and out of my apartment with ingredient after ingredient, flipping, turning, looking, thinking, picture taking. Like they were watching monkey island.

The grilled mushrooms were really good.

But I forgot the squash. Not that I actually noticed it. The monkeys may have.

You can look at a more thoughtful blog about process here.

Curried grilled vegetables

Ashish assures me that there is nothing like this in Indian cuisine. He even went so far as to read to me out of an Indian cook book about the necessity of doing and serving everything exactly the way it’s supposed to be done. Grilling something, and then serving it half-raw would earn you the scorn of Vishnu. Happily I am not so worried about that and though I can feel Ashish’s amusement at my attempts to make Indian food, he is no longer scornful. So when, on the night before he left I invited family and friends for Indian food I had only mild trepidation. 

The curried grilled vegetables were a hit. Petit pan squash, red, green, yellow peppers and shallots doused with curry oil (I simmered garlic, ginger, cumin and curry powder in oil and then strained it) and then charred all of it on the grill. (Thank you Sur la Table grill pan.)

Ashish is ok with this kind of thing as long as I don’t call it Indian. 

Indian meal, last part

I made grilled vegetables. I’m not sure what prompted this but I love grilled peppers and onions. I made an oil to marinate them and grill them in. I slowly cooked garlic in oil and then infused it with cumin and curry powder. Let it sit overnight and then strained it. I tossed yellow squash with the peppers and onions in the oil and it was a hit.