Grilled turkey thigh

Oh my God. This is so easy and beyond good. It’ll work with a breast too. Oil, salt and pepperize a turkey thigh and slap it directly onto a hot grill and let it char. I didn’t really let it get brown enough, but no matter. 

Once it’s browned on both sides wrap it in foil with a sliced onion and a can of mild green chiles. You could put some cumin in there too but that might be gilding the lily. Put that on the indirect heat side of the grill and get it to low. Let it roast for a good 2 hours. 

It should be a shredding point. I ate this just like this (diet food, no carbs—good news at the weigh in today) but you can eat it on tortillas with all sorts of crap on it. Salsa, sour cream, beans, cheese, the list is endless.