Grilled salsa

This is a big mess and a holy misery to make but worth the effort in every respect. This stuff is so awesome no actual salsa can match it. Although I’m going to give you a process, nearly anything you do, once you’ve grilled and chopped the vegetables is gonna be great.

This salsa includes an avocado that was not grilled but you could grill it but I don’t feature that so much. You can put in olives, jalapeƱos, mangoes, whatever (I suppose you could grill any of those as well).

After I grilled the mess of crap I threw it all in a processor and gave it a few pulses. Then I put in the corn and avocado.

I ate it like that out of the bowl. But it would have been good with tortilla chips.

Recipe follows.

Grilled salsa

1 ear of corn in the husk

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 smallish onion, cut in half

3 green onions

3 roma tomatoes, cut in half, top to bottom

2 tomatillos, ditto

1 avocado

3 TB chili powder (I only use Spice House chili powder)

1 TB red wine vinegar

2 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

Char the corn. Put the corn directly on the grill over the fire in the husk and wait wait wait until it’s really blackened. The corn will be fine, I promise. Set aside to cool will can take time, like 20 minutes.

Then char the peppers, skin side down on the grill until the skins are blackened completely.

 The flesh will be fine. Put in a bowl and cover with a plate until cool and skinable.

Toss the onions, tomatoes and tomatillos in a little oil (I used one of those olive oil spray pumps. Come to think of it, Pam would work. Then put them on the grill cut side down. Once they get a little char (nice stripes of the grill is good) maybe 7 minutes, turn them over. 

Take off the green onions and throw them in a bowl. Once the tomatoes and tomatillos are a little stripy on the skin side throw them in the bowl too. By now you should be able to skin the peppers and maybe take the charred husk off the corn. This is a messy job. Do it in your kid’s room, they’ll never notice. 

Put the white onion, tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers into a food processor. You could add the green onions too but I sliced them to make a nicer “chunk.” Pulse to your favorite chunkiness. 

Dice the avocado and cut the corn off the cob and throw the 

whole kit and kaboodle in a bowl (use the same bowl everything else was in, 

there may be valuable juices in the bottom of the bowl). 

And toss with all the rest of the ingredients.

Have the tortilla chips handy because once you taste this you

will be tempted to eat it all right out of the bowl with a spoon.