Grilled polenta my ass

I think this is the third time I’ve attempted to grill polenta. When I made my “Venetian” luncheon for book club I once again attempted it. I won’t do it again. Polenta is delicious, the grill marks are just decorations as far as I’m concerned and while the “Venetian” recipe called for grilling and the picture of the grilled polenta squares was lovely, I doubt there are many grills there in Venice.

It takes for goddam ever to make the crap and then you have to refrigerate it over night and cut it into squares. Just before serving you grill it. I used a grill pan this time because I caused such a mess on the actual grill the last time. I left the browned stripes on the grill pan. Which, I suddenly realize, is still sitting there in the grill.

Next time, it that time ever comes, I will pan fry it in a non stick pan.