Pesto Chicken

To be honest about it, I am totally bored with basil. I grow huge amounts of it and always think I’ll use it but I seem never to do so (when I had my restaurant I supplied it with my own home grown basil all summer), so I try to think of ways to hide it in stuff. It’s good in salads occasionally, but pesto, uh, no thanks. I’m so very over pesto. Sometimes. though, you gotta cull the herd and from that came a batch of pesto. I used it to marinate some bnls sknls chicken breasts and while they are cliche diet food, and therefore something I avoid when I am not cliche dieting, I am good with grilling a chicken breast and even if they are a lo-carb, high protein, these were delicious. I served them with some very non-dietetic gnocchi. 

It was all good though maybe not as pretty as it could have been.