Chicken kebabs

I made these with North African Spices (any minute now I’ll get on some other kick) but you could put any damn thing on them. It takes like 12 seconds to throw together and about 5 minutes on the grill. So fast, in fact, the skewers don’t burn. And it has to happen that fast or the chicken will overcook. 

I’m really not sure what the skewers bring to the table aside from cuteness. But I suppose there’s a value in that. You could do this in a frying pan and not use skewers. It would taste the same anyway. Or same enough.

I cut up boneless skinless chicken breasts. You could use thighs which have more taste but would take longer to grill. I had some chopped green onions and just randomly threw on coriander, cumin, cardamom, turmeric and paprika and a tablespoon or two of oil and mixed that all up and let it all set a spell. I salt and peppered them right before grilling. It took 5 minutes. Although my grill was raging hot.

I served these with yogurt/cucumber sauce and they were awesome.