Chicken thighs and potatoes

These potatoes…they’re just impossible not to love. I used a mandoline to slice them perfectly and then grilled them with the chicken thighs on top so they dripped their chicken juice and fat deliciousness down into the sliced potatoes. 

You cannot begin to imagine how far my eyes rolled back into my head when I tasted them.

Sure the chicken was good

But that salad was amazing. My sister made a very mustard-y vinaigrette that was so perfect on the tomatoes and avocado. Even without onion. I made that chicken on the grill BBQd on top of potatoes. The meal was great, the chicken, those potatoes. But that salad…oh dear, that was fine.

Grilled chicken thighs

I had these boned by the butcher in advance. Don’t go there and expect them to do it with alacrity or with any kind of pleasure, they have too many other things to do and are sure to let you know. But if you call ahead they’re all real nice-like and think you’re thoughtful because you called ahead. I’m really not that thoughtful, I just didn’t want to wait. 

I made a pesto of sage, primarily and basil, thyme, green onions and garlic and let the thighs marinate in it overnight. Then I threw a few bay leaves onto them for show and grilled them on top of potatoes. It was not a diet meal but it was delicious. The potatoes were excellent although the “non-stick” aluminum foil wasn’t as “non-stick” as one might like.