Green chicken chili

This stuff was a huge hit in my restaurant. Even the chef, doofus that he was, would eat it. It’s very simple. This made enough for about 6 people. Or 2 servings for me.

Start with 4 chicken breast halves cut into chunks. Throw them into a really hot pan with some oil. Add a cup up green pepper, 2 celery ribs cut into chunks and an onion. Plus a can of mild green chilis. Get that all roiling around on the stove and add about 3 TBS of cumin, 1 tsp oregano, 1 TBS of garlic (you can use fresh, I prefer granulated and you don’t have to clean all the garlic mess up then), salt, pepper and a lot of both.

You won’t need to add water. Turn the heat down to low and cover it for an hour or two until the chicken shreds. You can thicken the liquid with a slurry of cornstarch or, as I did, beurre mani. That makes it more fattening but is certainly more lustrous. I added a can of red beans at the end. You can add great northerns but I’m thinking I’m going to make the leftovers into red chili. More on that later.

You can eat this on rice or in tortillas. A dollop of sour cream would be nice.