I felt a thigh

The name of my college fraternity. It always got a big laugh. One of my perfect diet foods, and I suppose I should define a diet food as anything that is not a carbohydrate, is the turkey thigh. I love them any time of the year, Thanksgiving not withstanding. I had stopped at Sendik’s to get some stuff for my mother. I haven’t shopped there in some time and I was really happy to discover that it still has the charm of a small grocery store (love that) and a great meat department. Good produce too. After the shock of the filthy conditions at Metro Market I was happy to see how excellent Sendik’s meat looked and I will have to go there more often. The meat counter is much enlarged from the last time I was there and they had turkey thighs. I bought 2 of them.

I pan fried them for 10 minutes skin side down, and then turned them skin side up, put the lid on and stuck them in a 325 degree oven. After an hour I took the lid off and let the skin get crispy, or at least crispier. Once that was accomplished I took the skin off entirely and put it on an oven proof plate and into the oven. Then I put onions and jalapeƱos all over the thigh, lid back on and into the oven for a final braise. The result was falling apart meat with chopped skin as cracklings.

It was amazingly delicious. And rates up there on my list of top 10 diet foods.

I am only writing this to recover from the misery of that goddam football game. Shoot me.