Belgian business

Namaste! Jet Airways, it turns out is an Indian airline. Appropriate since I am on my way to surprise Ashish. I booked this trip in late January and have kept my plan a secret (despite many near slip ups). He thinks some friends of Karen are dropping by for lunch but he will open the door and it will be me. But firstly I am spending the night in first class on Jet Airways. This plane features seats that lie flat. Literally hundreds of movies to choose from (granted most of them are from Bollywood) shown on huge screen TVs and, when you are ready to sleep they give you kurthas, a sort of short sleeping gown. 

The dinner, mostly yellow and orange, was really good. They had plenty of choices but I went with the Indian menu, చాలా ధన్యవాదాలు. Pumpkin soup and chiapatis, followed by paneer and peas and then a grated carrot dessert. I could have lived without that part. The Barbera d’Asti was excellent. Not exactly Indian but Italian/Indian, I can see the confusion on their part.

After I finished watching Gravity (meh) I hunkered down (and when I say down, I mean down, the seat lays flat on the floor) for a night in my teeny weeny, itsy bisty, minute, shoe box of a bed. There is no way that one might mistake this for comfort. It is not. And while I am aware that the vast majority of the people on this plane are sitting upright wedged in like sardines, tant pis, that is not of my concern. My concern was actually falling asleep in less than ideal circumstances. Fortunately I did manage to accomplish this feat but was awakened not long after when the French man (I am not sure if he was actually French, he spoke French but he could have been Canadian or Belgian) in the seat/bed directly across the aisle from me began attempting to revive his wife who had apparently passed out and was unresponsive. This required that the entire plane was awakened, the plane’s lights came on, a doctor was summoned like in a movie and then he, the flight crew and 50 unrelated busy bodies hovered over her, and hence, me, scrunched down in my uncomfortable sleeping pit discussing the situation and the various possibilities that may have caused her grave situation. When it was determined that she had taken several sleeping pills washed down with 2 bottles of champagne the doctor said she’d be fine, everyone left and the lights again went out. The husband then began noisily searching for something and when I say searching, the guy was on a mission to find something and not giving up. I have seen terriers chasing squirrels with less resolve than this. He had several discussions with flight attendants one of whom gave him a flash light so he might redouble his efforts to keep me awake. 

He did not find what he was looking for and in fact they remained on the plane after the flight landed and we deplaned to continue their examination of the area. I did eventually fall asleep on the flight but wished I’d had the champagne and pill combo she’d had. She looked refreshed and well rested when breakfast was served. I noticed she had champagne with that too.