Get in the goddam corners

Inspired by my dear friends at Bon Appetit I made Grandma’s pizza. It just looked too fabulous to not try. And honestly, if Carla’s making it, I’ll eat it. Well, not if it’s anchovies.

“Take the dough and spread it out to fill the pan.” Yeah, right. This was like fighting with a 2 year old. At one point I yelled out loud GET IN THE GODDAM CORNERS. Eventually I was just like Fuck it and left one corner that was particularly unhelpful not quite there. I par baked it to take to my nephew later today. Then I lopped an edge off for my own dinner.

It was so worth the effort. It was amazing and as an added plus it makes the house smell like what I imagine heaven will smell like when I get there. I’ll meet you at the bar. (Well not some of you, you know who you are)