New appliances

From the very beginning this project screamed hell misery. When my washing machine started to spew smoke and make hideous high pitched whining noises I had a guy come in. Yeah, he said, it needs a new frbshgliser. So I got one. That didn’t help. Of course, I paid for it. But then it turned out I that what I needed was a new bibblrgsistoid. So I got that, too. Yeah, no, that didn’t help. What I needed was to get a new washer dryer and I did. I had spent the extra $700 for the unhelpful pieces and parts, and their installation for no reason. No one can give you any reason. It just happens.

Then my microwave stopped turning the food. There were a few distinct hot spots so I could deal with it if I positioned my food inside the thing properly. And then my dishwasher stopped drying. I can use a dish towel. But then I dropped a glass on my stove and the enamel cracked. The glass was fine but the surface of the stove was fucked.

I wasn’t calling anyone in to help me decide to spend additional 100s of dollars on repairs only to need to have to get a new one in the end. I know how it works now.

And it ain’t pretty.

I had to take a day off of work to receive my new appliances. So the new refrigerator arrives. The old one is already gone. I have my food in a cooler. And some boxes. It was the wrong refrigerator. And it wasn’t just wrong. It didn’t fit into the place where the old one had been. That had to go back.

The delivery guys couldn’t find the gas so they couldn’t install the stove. And they were in a hurry because they had deliveries to make. So they left with the old stove there and the new one there too. Just not in the right place.

Then the install guy comes to put in the microwave and the dishwasher. Dishwasher goes in fine. But the microwave is too big. I cannot open the door to the cabinet so we have to remove the microwave and take off the door. Ha ha.

The next day (second day off of work, good thing my boss is the nicest guy in the world!) they delivered the right refrigerator, found the gas and put in the stove (with the fancy middle burner I’ll never use). My food which had spent the evening outside on my balcony did not defrost.

Funny thing though, it doesn’t look any different to me. Except for the missing cabinet door.

And the hysterically funny end to the story is that the $500 manufacturer’s rebate that I was supposed to get expired on March 31st. They delivered the stuff on April 7th. Ha ha.

 …………………………………………….old up………………….new down…………………………………………..