Good in theory not so great in practice.

Gluten free lasagna. Grain free. Whatever. My friend Jodie was coming over for dinner and we’ve had many discussions about leading a grain free life (go find out about that on your own) and so I had the brilliant idea to make lasagna without noodles, I used sliced eggplant instead.

I mean, this should work. It has all the right stuff. I slow roasted the pork shoulder for the sauce. I baked the eggplant slices to get the excess moisture out. And I layered it all with ricotta and parmesan whisked together with an egg. I baked it for an hour and what a sloppy mess.

I mean, I ate it. I’ll eat anything. But it was not a toothsome delicious Italianate casserole. It was a wet mess. Oh well, no one died.

I won’t eat anchovies, though.