Refried beans

I know this doesn’t really look or seem appealing but I made these vegetarian refried beans and they were really, really good.

The trick was to use Goya beans. Christopher Kimball (Cook’s Complicated, er Illustrated) says that canned beans are better than soaking your own. And based on this one performance, I’d say he’s right. The problem with dried beans is that the beans are all different ages and therefore require different soaking times. Canned beans are all from the same batch. And Goya won their taste test.

I started with some onions sautéd in olive oil, then added the beans, juice (or whatever that is) and all and brought them to the boil. After that I mushed ’em up. That’s all there was to it and it was worth the serious lack of effort.

I was more than a little concerned by their food chart.