Braise revisited

Second visit to Braise. Food was great but the service was questionable. Made even more so because the table next to us was getting sublime service from the same server. 

It’s hard not to notice that the table next to you is getting new silver wear with every course (presented in a box with a napkin folded tidily in it) while our used old forks and knives were put on the table as the old plates went out and new came in (small plates), that the other table of 4 (it was just Ashish and I at our table) came in after us, ordered after us and were served way before us. It was impossible to catch the waiter’s (Lori) eye. I hate it when I am being obviously ignored. Even when she was standing looking across their table right at you.

I nearly asked the neighboring table how they were managing to get such great service. After we left Ashish told me that they were investors or owners. I had not caught that and then I wished I had asked them.

This is the remains of the cheese plate. Blueberry compote accompanied the “house-made” bread. The cheese was great, the blueberries overwhelmed all of it.

When will the term “house-made” die? It can go the way of “How is everything tasting?” (pronounced “tasteen”). I HATE that question. 


Everything is tasteen fine, however, you may want to make an appearance every 10 minutes or so.