Dashed hopes and shattered dreams

Scrolling through blog posts from last year trying to refresh my memory of what and where we ate, I happened upon these pix and was immediately transported back to the softly lit romantic (in the sense of food) memory of these warm, luscious pillows of deliciousness that are truffled gnocchi, and the ambrosial, cheesy (in a good way, the best way, in fact) embrace of mushroom risotto. My eyes glazed over as I sat down to fully allow the memories of this meal to flood my mind. So insanely good (once I’d flicked the damn truffles off), so worth, the calories, the trip (from America) that I had to have it again.

So we went back, Murat la Something or Other. Of course gnocchi was no longer on the menu. We ordered a nice appetizer plate which was fine, good even but the RIMP ordered the risotto right out from under me, so I had to settle for these beet stuffed raviolis. I mean, BEETS?!?! OK, they were fine but they were no gnocchi. And really. Beets? What was I thinking. Plus we were sitting on high no-backed seats which were just plain uncomfortable. And the door was open quite a bit to keep the COVID at bay, I’m not sure how that works but I do know that it was cold. It was seriously disappointing. But I lived apparently.

Not-so-photogenic best foods so far

The napkin dumplings were not exactly Vogue-cover pretty and neither were these 2 exquisite top-10-meals-in-my-life. Cheese stuffed gnocchi, and mushroom risotto. Both of which were right straight out of this world. Of course, I had to pick the truffles off the gnocchi…cannot stand truffles (they were not listed on the menu, I looked). Fortunately the Royal Mounted Police fed them to his horse or something—they did not go to waste is all I care about. And I don’t mind a hint of it but not huge slices of it all over hell and back. The risotto however was just plain eyes-rolled-back-in-my-head delicious. I took one bite and said “We’re coming back here.” I’d love to know how they got it to taste like this. We’ve booked a table for Monday.

And while the truffles did not go to waste, certain things are going to waist. Starting to feel like this painting I saw in the Gemäldegallerie.

Pesto Chicken

To be honest about it, I am totally bored with basil. I grow huge amounts of it and always think I’ll use it but I seem never to do so (when I had my restaurant I supplied it with my own home grown basil all summer), so I try to think of ways to hide it in stuff. It’s good in salads occasionally, but pesto, uh, no thanks. I’m so very over pesto. Sometimes. though, you gotta cull the herd and from that came a batch of pesto. I used it to marinate some bnls sknls chicken breasts and while they are cliche diet food, and therefore something I avoid when I am not cliche dieting, I am good with grilling a chicken breast and even if they are a lo-carb, high protein, these were delicious. I served them with some very non-dietetic gnocchi. 

It was all good though maybe not as pretty as it could have been.

Gnocchi = dumplings

Fortunately Jerry Cohen had his knee replaced so he is bed ridden and I have someone to cook for. He likes comfort food and I love making it. I didn’t even eat this myself. I did taste it and it was delicious and comforting. 

They were not really dumplings, they were gnocchi. But you cannot tell the difference. The gnocchi were messy to make and when I looked up a recipe I was surprised at how wildly the recipes varied. One potato, 2 potatoes, 1 cup of flour or 1/4 cup 2 eggs, one egg. . . I just winged it, one potato and one egg, adding enough flour to make the dough not so sticky. 

The chicken and mushrooms were just the chorus singers for the dumplings. The star of the show.