Dairy free bread pudding

I had an open can of coconut milk plus a half bowl of whipped coconut creme leftover from a recent dairy/gluten free meal. I bought a loaf of challah and made coconut/chocolate bread pudding. And it was freaking awesome. And dairy free. There was plenty of gluten involved. But I like gluten, in fact I ate the damn other half of the challah loaf, fer chrissake.

The end of pain

My final meal of the month was slop, of course. I don’t know why I buy zucchini. I don’t like it. In another life, one in which I was broke all the time, I OD’d on it. And, generally speaking, it turns into a whole lotta mush once it’s cooked. And I have no idea what possessed me to buy it yet again except that it’s a diet food, it’s not poisonous and it takes up stomach space.

It has been a month since I stopped dairy and grain, and, to a lesser extent, alcohol. I did that for the first 2 weeks but then I lapsed, only sporadically abstaining. So sue me. I feel no different. And with one exception in the beginning of the month I have been completely carb/gluten/dairy free. It wasn’t as hard as one might think. I ate a lot of chicken. And slop.

But I miss pasta. And bread. And cheese.

I will say though, that zucchini is a lot better if you don’t cook it all to hell and back.