Garlic ginger balls

I found this recipe in Food and Wine. Chinese chicken meatballs. It seemed sorta good. I am not the biggest lover of Asian food, but it’s OK. But what the hell, I could make them without the breadcrumbs thereby rendering them carb free, or at least carb low. It called for 3 TB of grated ginger. I used about 1.5.

I hate getting my hands into this crap. I cannot see how all those TV chefs, including Julia Child, can claim to enjoy it. It disgusts me. So I didn’t roll them into balls. They were a little too sloppy anyway. I just plopped spoonfuls of it onto the pan.

In the end they were not too bad consistency-wise but jeez, GINGER with a garlic back bite. I ate ’em. For dinner, breakfast and lunch. I’ll eat anything. Particularly when I’m insane hungry. Except anchovies.