Spaetzle und schlop

In the fabulous KA De We department store where I have an affinity card (just sayin,’ although because of my poor handwriting my first name is written as Mennel which is sort of like my mother’s maiden name, Memmel, so I’m kinda OK with it. Or maybe they meant to write “Mental” which would be understandable after they watched me circling in the kitchen department for an hour [they gave me the card after this] searching for a particular birthday present for a certain mounted policeman which after I’d finally found and bought it, and not without a great of fuss and bother, he didn’t want or need.) I bought this piece of meat in their butcher department like the one they used to have in Gimbels but fancier. Once I had it browning on the stove I did not like the smell of it. Not that there was anything wrong with it. It was just, I don’t know, not how I’d imagined it. I think it was the cut of meat, I seem to recall I did this same in Oslo as well.

Nonetheless, I threw it in the oven covered with onions, garlic and mushrooms at 300 (actually 150 celsius) and let it roast for a few hours while I went to watch the Berlin Marathon.

I asked him to make spaetzle and I chopped the meat up and made a sauce with mustard and wine. In my mind this did not improve it. I ate it but I didn’t like it at all. I’d have preferred to eat the pickled pepper chili.