One of my German teachers (she is French) sent us to Fontana de Trevi, an Italian restaurant she likes. It was glorious. Everyone was Italian and friendlier than friendly…so, you know, not German, or French for that matter. This place was so good and we went back 2 more times. On one of the rare occasion we ate at home we made pasta Arrabiata. I should say The Royal Indian Mounted Police requested and I made it. We had pizza several (three) times.

I would not say that Germans don’t eat German food so much but maybe not so much in restaurants. The food itself, sauerkraut, sausages and other traditional Germanish stuff is all around, for sale in stores and at kiosks. (Europe in general has more little specialty shops, outdoor markets, kiosks, stalls and stands than we do in the US). There are loads of Italian, Greek and other ethic restaurants. 

My second German teacher (who is Italian) told me that the huge wave of Italians who moved to Germany after the war to help with reconstruction, (which, by the way officially ended a week or so ago, seriously) essentially replaced German food in the hearts of German people with pizza and ice cream. I’m good with that.

What follows is a pictorial exposé of some of our Italian meals. That last pizza with the arugula was right straight out of this world.