Pasta n beans

So I had leftover bean soup and made it into pasta fagiole. Just not the pasta fagiole they have in Italy. More like the one they have in Georgia. But with parmesan, nutmeg and Cholula green salsa. Why the hell not. It was amazingly exquisitely delicious.

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Georgia on my mind

Not the state, the country. Carrot hummus, and kidney bean and walnut soup. I’d made that soup years ago, you can read that fascinating entry here, and had always planned to make it again it is so good. Amolesili Lobio. It’s not hard, a little messy but the results are spectacular. My friend Carol was coming over and she’s been on this Eastern European and Silk Road kick so I made it again for her.

I served it topped with chopped walnuts sautéd in butter with coriander. ნამდვილად გემრიელი იყო.

The Intrepid Traveler

My friend Carol returned from a trip to Georgia. That’s on the list of states I’d least like to visit so I knew I had to throw her an extra special Welcome Home party. Risking your life to go to that miserable part of the country deserves…wait, what?

Georgia near Russia? A country named Georgia? Really?  Oh, my bad.

I guess she went to a country named Georgia. Who knew?

Anyway, I made her ribs on the grill. I should have made potatoes on the grill too because these stuck to the goddam non-stick pan. არა ჯოხი, ჩემი ass. (non-stick my ass in Georgians apparently the Georgians do not have a word for ass.)