Georgia peaches escape

They’re doing some damn thing in my street. Chopping out the concrete is super noisy. Who knew? I had to get the hell out so I drove to Racine to Milaeger’s a really nice greenhouse and store. In their parking they allow some folks to sell peaches they bring up from Georgia. I’m not sure if I really believe this, it seems sorta fairy tale-y but fine, they don’t have those little plastic tags on them so maybe. Anyway I was getting away from noise.

The peaches aren’t ripe and the little instruction that came with them (I mean, really, do we need instructions?) told me leave them out until they’re soft which is fine (and the fruit flies are ecstatic) I like my drupes soft.

In the meantime there was a guy at Milaeger’s wearing a Smith and Wesson t-shirt. I was wearing a mask so I didn’t get any of his germs, the idiot.