The trouble with garlic

There are so many issues surrounding garlic. But I’ll start with getting it outta the goddam paper it’s in. What a damn rigmarole. All that mess and bother for something that leaves you reeking to high heaven, keeps you up at night in garlic vapor lock, and renders you unloveable. Well, some of you already are.

I have this garlic press with which you do not need to remove the husk. It’s handy but hard to clean. There’s no winning with garlic.

Issues with garlic

I used to love garlic but somehow it has fallen from favor. Cooked garlic is fine but raw garlic, I avoid any recipe that calls for it or I use granulated garlic instead. Raw garlic does not leave me. I wake up in the middle of the night in garlic vapor lock and the next day I’ve noticed that people, vampires especially, avoid me or at best stand away at an angle when I am speaking to them. Add to that that I don’t really enjoy the taste of raw garlic and, well, it’s over for me. At least as concerns the raw.

That still however leaves me with cooked garlic and I use it enough. Enough that I have this little rubbery contraption for peeling it. You kinda crush and roll each clove. The thing is that while it’s easier to peel than most ways of peeling, it’s still a mess. And it’s still not easy. In the scheme of things it’s easier than, say, 100 push ups. But at least after 100 push ups you’re feeling toned and accomplished. After 8 cloves of garlic, while whatever you’re making might be more accomplished, the counter’s gonna be a mess.

On the other hand, I’d be a mess after 100 push ups.

Garlic from my CSA

I’m not wild for garlic. I don’t like the taste of raw garlic and while I use it pretty often, a bulb of garlic can last me a month. My CSA has me in garlic for the rest of the year and I fear it is only the beginning of it. Every week I get more and more and more of it. And it’s not the kind I am familiar with. Not that that would prevent me from using it, but it is strange to me. 

This week’s haul.